Welcome to Grumble, a small shrine to the cranky Animal Crossing bear, Groucho! When I first played Animal Crossing on the Gamecube, Groucho was the first animal in my town that I had met (other than Tom Nook, of course)! Since then, Groucho has appeared as a starting villager in both my City Folk and first New Leaf files so he holds a special place in my heart! On the spectrum of popularity, Groucho is definitely bottom tier for some reason; I am not sure why because he's great! Once you get past the rough exterior, Groucho has a completely different and softer side. I have created this shrine to hopefully introduce you to a different Groucho than you think you might know! I know you'll also love him!

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Animal Crossing: The Series

Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing series is a set of community simulation games by Nintendo. Your character is a human living amongst a village full of anthropomorphic animals, and you can do pretty much anything you want. If you want to befriend the villagers, landscape your town, upgrade your home, you can because the game is open-ended with no true end. You can take as much time as you need to really make your town the way you want and get to know your villagers. It corresponds to the 12-month calendar so each day there's something new going on in your town, including various holiday celebrations and tournaments! These types of games may not be for everyone, but I absolutely love them. I feel like there's so much to do, especially in New Leaf when you were given the ability to become mayor of your town.

There are currently five games in the series and two spin-off titles, but Groucho sadly does not appear in all of them. Groucho is in any of the games marked with a little Groucho face!

  1. Animal Forest/Dobutsu no Mori (JPN only) (Nintendo 64)
  2. Animal Crossing (AC) (Nintendo GameCube)
  3. Animal Crossing: Wild World (WW) (Nintendo DS)
  4. Animal Crossing: City Folk (CF) (Wii)
  5. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (NL) (Nintendo 3DS)
  6. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (HHD)
  7. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival (ACAF)

You will notice that Groucho doesn't appear in Wild World, which ironically is the only game in the series that I haven't played! I'm not sure why he was cut, but I'm really thankful that they brought him back in future titles. If you are interested in reading more about the Animal Crossing series or any of its entries, please check out the Wikipedia!


Before we really dive into the content of this shrine, let's look at a quick overview Groucho's traits! This shrine is going to tackle most of these traits in a little more detail in further sections.

Groucho the Cranky Bear
  • Name: Groucho
  • Species: Bear
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Cranky
  • Birthday: October 23
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Siblings: Second of five
  • Dream Job: Professional Wrestler
  • Talent: Competitive eating


Let's start with the first thing you learn about the character, either from the speech bubble or looking at the map. When I think of Groucho's name, I honestly think it's perfect for such a little grump! It's pretty obvious that his name is derived from the word "grouch," which means tending to complain about things; having a bad temper, which makes it literally just a synonym for cranky. This name really emphasizes his Animal Crossing personality. When you talk to Groucho, he tends to complain about various things such as other villagers or no upcoming events in town, and he is very quick to anger. He's often arguing with my other residents in my town!

While the name Groucho is derived from the word "grouchy," I believe his character also draws parallels to Groucho Marx, a very famous American comedian. Considered one of the greatest comedians acts of all time, Groucho Marx was the third born of five in the family comedy act Marx Brothers and he was also actually born in October! In ACNL, it is revealed that Groucho the bear is the second of five siblings which I believe, though it is not exact, is a reference to Groucho Marx. That number of siblings is just too exact to be a simple coincidence. I believe that they chose the name "Groucho" first because of what it means and then decided to draw inspiration from the famous Groucho Marx when filling in additional details about the character.

There's also slightly more evidence to the Groucho Marx comparisons. In the early entries of the Animal Crossing series, there was another character given the name of one of the Marx Brothers as well. This character was a lazy mouse named Chico. Sadly, Chico was cut after the GameCube title so neither Groucho nor Chico appeared in Wild World. Since Chico never returned to the series, there's not a ton of information about his family or birthday. However, if he were still in the game, I'm certain they would make a few more subtle references to the Marx Brothers because I think they clearly drew inspiration from the Marx Brothers for Groucho!

In other releases of the game, Groucho has some different names. In Japan, his name is Kuro which translates to "black" which may be referring to the dark color of his fur. His name in French is Ronchon which translates to "grouchy," and his name in Spanish remains Groucho. In German, his name is Ernst which means "serious," another reference to his personality.


In Animal Crossing, there are currently eight personalities: cranky, jock, lazy, and smug for boys and normal, peppy, snooty, and uchi for girls. Groucho falls in the cranky with 62 other villagers. While cranky villagers are usually the most abrasive at first, befriending them can be the most rewarding since you are opened up to a completely different side of that villager. Honestly, I think that their personality often makes them the least popular villagers because they're not as "cute" as the others. However, I don't think the other personalities have quite as much development as you get to know them.

One of the first things that I noticed about Groucho is that he's a little rude and seems to get angry easily! I often find him fighting with my other villagers, especially smug personalities. He gets along best with other grumpy villagers obviously as well as snooty villagers. I often find Baabara, Roscoe, and Groucho hanging out together at someone's home. He has had some fun conversations with my lazy villager, Papi, and I frequently eavesdrop on some arguments with Julian and Bluebear. He's actually very confrontational, which is probably why his dream job is to become a professional wrestler.

He often refers to himself as an "old man," so he must be older than villagers of other personalities, which makes sense since he tends to be more serious than everyone else. He also tends to be a little behind in social trends, often starting rumors or gossiping about other villagers. This makes him very unpopular with peppy and jock villagers. He loves to spend most of his time outdoors or visiting the bug exhibit at the museum, even though it is revealed at Halloween that he's terrified of bugs.

As I became friends with Groucho, another side of him was revealed. He became very protective of my mayor, often stating that I am his closest and only friend. He eventually began telling me about his niece and often requests some help retrieving a bug or fish for her as a gift. He has admitted to me that he doesn't understand fashion or trends, stating that he's a bit old fashioned. Often finding the town boring, he's admitted to starting rumors about other villagers in order to spice things up around the town.

Similar to real life, there's certain times when the animals are sleeping and are inactive. Cranky villagers tend to have very short sleep schedules, but it varies by game:

Animal Crossing5-10AMAnimal Crossing: City Folk4:30-10AM
Animal Crossing: Wild WorldN/AAnimal Crossing: New Leaf4-10AM

Needless to say, one of the reasons he is so grumpy is probably because he is not getting enough sleep! If you try to knock on his door between any of those hours, you'll be greeted with a slightly threatening message which warns you not to wake him up!

When you work at the cafe, Groucho will sometimes come visit. Groucho prefers his coffee with a blend of coffee beans with a regular amount of milk and two spoonfuls of sugar. If this doesn't indicate how sweet Groucho is, I'm not sure what will!


While writing the name section of this site, I learned something really interesting! Groucho's initial phrase when you first meet him is "grumble," which also ties in directly to definition of the word grouchy: given to grumbling.

Earlier, we had established the origins of his name to be from the term "grouchy," so I think this is actually really awesome because it ties his name directly to his phrase! A grumble is a low, heavy sound, usually a complaint or to display unhappiness. Cranky characters have a very low voice, almost a sort of "grumble!"

Personally, my town is themed after Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars so I changed Groucho's catchphrase to "crusher." Crusher is one of Bowser's special abilities in the game where he summons a jagged rock to impale an enemy. When Groucho asked me to change his catchphrase, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it should be. I eventually landed on "crusher" because it just felt right, honestly. The "c" in the word is very harsh sounding which is something I envision to really emphasize cranky villagers and their personalities.

"Crusher" is a special attack that Bowser eventually learns, pictured below. I knew that I would want to use something Bowser learns as his catchphrase because I relate Bowser closely to my cranky characters.

When Groucho moved in, I also had Roscoe, whose catchphrase was "terrorize," another special ability learned by Bowser. While I think I would have given Groucho "terrorize" as his catchphrase had Roscoe not lived in my villager, "crusher" really grew on me, and I actually haven't changed it yet even though I've been given multiple opportunities.


Physical Appearance

Groucho is a bear with navy or dark blue fur. There are three light orange markings across his forehead, but it is not confirmed whether these are three patches of fur or scars. Personally, I like to imagine them as battle scars, which perhaps are the reason why he's much more serious and meaner than the other villagers. Groucho's muzzle and ears are a light beige color, and he has a big, black nose! His arms and legs transition from the dark blue to a light grey color.

His expression is a little more difficult to describe because it's almost a smile, but since he's a cranky villager, I interpret this to be a troubling grimace or almost a scowl.

In Animal Crossing, he is wearing the Windsock Shirt. This shirt is a violet-blue color with white waves. I am not sure if it's in the newer games because Groucho does not wear it anymore. In City Folk and New Leaf, he wears the Lite Polka Shirt. This is a fairly simple white shirt that features vibrant, colored polkadots, and it's easily found at the Able Sisters.


Groucho is obviously a bear, not to be confused with the smaller counterpart, cubs. In the Animal Crossing series, there are a total of fifteen bears, and twelve of these appear in New Leaf. Their personalities are scattered, but a lot of these bears are cranky: Chow, Curt, Dyck, Grizzly, and, of course, Groucho! It was a little more challenging to determine his subspecies. After researching bears with unique colorations, I decided to focus on the glacier bear, which is a subspecies of the American black bear, famous for its unique silvery blue fur.

Glacier Bear
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Carnivora
  • Family: Ursidae
  • Genus: Ursus
  • Species: U. americanus
  • Subspecies: U. a. emmonsii

The glacier bear, or the blue bear, is a unique subspecies of the American black bear located in Southeast Alaska. Actually, they share a lot of the same characteristics as the black bear from where they make their habitats, food preference, size, and reproduction cycles. They are distinguished by the silver blue or grey fur. Groucho's fur goes from a navy blue to a lighter grey on his arms, but the glacier bear is the opposite. Their fur is typically lighter on their backs and shoulders while their legs and belly are a much darker shade, even almost black. While their gradients are different in this aspect, even almost opposite, the fact that Groucho and this subspecies of bear both have an almost "gradient" in their fur colors definitely means something.

Glacier bears are typically spotted in Southeast Alaska, preferring forests with lots of vegetation. They are omnivores, and their diet depends on the season and their location. There's only a small amount of research on these bears so the origin of their unique coloring is currently unknown.


In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Groucho's house has a lot of dark furniture, mostly from the modern series. He has a modern sofa and modern table positioned in the center of the room with a modern desk on the bottom left. At the top, he has a modern bed on the left and a gold stereo on the right. He listens to K.K. Metal. Bottom right has a golf bag. The wall is the Shanty Wall, and the floor is Old Board Flooring. It has not changed very much throughout the series so you'll see similar furnishings in other games. Below is a screenshot of the interior Groucho's default house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Since obtaining Groucho's amiibo card, I also was given the opportunity to create his home in Happy Home Designer. His request was a farming homestead, and I was given the opportunity to use a lot of farming furniture pieces inside and outside of his home. I had a lot of fun with his request because it was really unique. I focused on making the outside of his home look like a farm with a barn while the inside is given a cozy and modest feeling, kind of like a little cabin. I've attached some photos of my design for his home.

amiibo Card

amiibo cards are an alternate form of amiibo figures which interact with games in different ways. They first debuted with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer as a way to be able to design a home for any villager or special character and even obtain some special items associated with those characters. They are also usable in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. You may choose to have the villagers move into your village, which functions as the game board or use them as characters in minigames. I am super excited to add this section to this site because I was hesitant to believe he would get an card. Once I found out that they were releasing 400 of them though, it was just a matter of when it would be released. Groucho was released with the second wave of cards in January 2016. I'm biased, but this is my favorite amiibo card.

#151 Groucho
  • Type: Bear
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Birthday: October 23
  • Roll value: 3
  • Hand sign: Scissors
  • HHD Request: A farming homestead


Here are some screenshots that I have taken of my resident Groucho! These screenshots were taken on my Nintendo 3DS or Dolphin emulator. If you use any of these, please acknowledge this site in some way since I took them! Thank you!


About Grumble

One day, Todd asked Crystal, Cherri, and I to make a small one-page dedication for our favorite Animal Crossing character. Since I haven't finished a single shrine yet, I thought this was a great idea because it could be something small and fun to make! Immediately, I started scanning my list of favorite villagers and checked to see where it intersected with the current villagers residing in my town, Molville. I tend to like older characters so it should be no surprise that my favorite Animal Crossing villager would be a cranky one. I hesitated slightly because I also really adore the cranky horse Roscoe, but Groucho, overall, is much more meaningful to me, so he was my final decision when deciding on a subject. This site has grown a bit beyond my initial expectations because I just kept finding more things to talk about!

Out of all of the other villagers in the Animal Crossing series, Groucho has become my favorite. Part of it is related to nostalgia because Groucho was in my very first Animal Crossing town. I actually didn't really like him at first because I thought he was really mean! I would chase him around and smack him with a net. However, he just wouldn't move away so I just decided to be nice to him since the villagers I actually did like always moved away. As we became friends, I realized that I was completely wrong about him! He's actually a really dynamic personality! Now I always try to find a way to move Groucho into my village because my town just does not feel complete without him. Even though he's always rude to my character at first, he always opens up to me. Our friendship is very meaningful because I always have to work for our friendship. I consider him one of my best friends in the series and always look forward to meeting Groucho in every Animal Crossing game.

Grumble was born on June 18, 2015 and is part of Sutarodo. This is the shrines second home, after moving from my previous domain Grumble was proudly featured in Amassment Shrine Spotlight, for April 2016. I was really honored to be able to display my shrine alongside so many other wonderful tributes and dedications, that I've looked up to for so long

Design and Credits

The first layout features artwork created for me by my friend Hollie which is based off of Groucho's official art from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. A lot of resources went into this site, and I'd like to give credit where it is due!

Hollie, for the awesome Groucho art used in the header! Resources: mortiferoussparkle, fancyBox
Fontsner for the font, Fink Heavy April Fool's Guide / Halloween guide / Roost Cafe guide/ villagerhomes
Information: Glacier bears, GrouchoMikari, for the adorable sprites!
Commissioned Artwork: flandomswelcometoathena / Hoeass Animal Crossing Sprites

I'd also like to thank Todd, for his support while creating this shrine, Amassment, and Robin, for checking all of my spelling and grammar errors!

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